I specialise in training to allow schools to:  
  • Identify pupils who have communication needs 
  • Improve the quality of teaching 
  • Improve the quality of leadership and management 
  • Improve the behaviour of pupils 
  • Improve inclusion of children with special educational needs (SEN) 
  • Create communication-friendly classrooms

Bespoke training for education and support staff 

  • Information on speech, language and communication development
  • How to identify children in your classroom with communication difficulties
  • Practical classroom techniques to support communication development
  • Strategies which are simple, effective and easily included within your school

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Tots Talk – an innovative intervention developed by parents for parents. It is aimed at 2 year olds who are at risk of delayed language development. The programme runs over eight weeks and gives parents the opportunity to discover how they can support their child’s language development.

Early Talk Boost  a targeted intervention aimed at 3 to 4 year old children with delayed language, boosting their language skills to help narrow the gap between them and their peers. The programme aims to accelerate children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 6 months, after a nine week intervention. 

Talk Boost KS1 – for children age 4 to 7 years with delayed language. The programme is delivered in primary schools by classroom teachers and teaching assistants and provides a structured programme that boosts children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 9 -18 months after a ten week intervention.

Talk Boost KS2 – is a targeted intervention aimed at children age 7 to 10 years old with delayed language. The programme boosts their language skills helping them to catch up with their peers. It aims to accelerate children’s progress in language and communication, after an eight week intervention.

Talk for Work – is an evidenced, targeted intervention that helps students aged 14 to 18 with poor communication skills to be ready for the work place. The programme consists of a series of 13 fully planned one-hour lessons delivered by trained teaching or support staff. 

School Testimonials

quotemark  Amanda is a great ambassador for the KS1 Talk Boost programme. 
- Wendy, Head Teacher
quotemark  Thank you, Amanda for running such an informative and exciting inset for us. 
- Dawn, Head of Learning Support

quotemark   A dynamic presentation!
Thought provoking, and an invaluable resource. - Caroline, Learning Support Assistant

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